An herbal oil infusion is the harmonious union of science and nature, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of botanicals in a carrier oil. This alchemy ensures that every drop is imbued with the full spectrum of a herb's therapeutic properties, making them optimally bioavailable for the skin. By channeling the vitamins, minerals, and potent phytonutrients from the herbs, these infusions become a beacon of holistic nourishment for the skin. Each infusion is a testament to the power of nature, magnified by scientific precision. When incorporated into our skincare formulations, they not only deliver immediate rejuvenation but also lay the foundation for enduring skin health. The result is a range that seamlessly bridges immediate skincare needs with long-term wellness goals. Rooted in age-old herbal wisdom yet elevated by modern science, our herbal oil infusions are more than just ingredients; they are the heart of our formulations. They represent a holistic commitment to skincare, where every application is a step towards radiant skin and overall well-being. Dive into a skincare experience that is as profound in its benefits as it is pure in its essence.


Nourishe uses the latest skincare ingredient science in our formulation process, and we choose ingredients that we believe in and that are shown to be safe and effective. However, we cannot make a particular claim about a particular product just because an ingredient is contained in that product, even if that ingredient has been proven to show certain benefits. Therefore, any claims made on the ingredient pages cannot be automatically assumed to be applicable to products containing those ingredients. In addition, all of the information on our ingredient pages comes from a variety of sources across the internet. We have done our best to compile this for your benefit, but we cannot guarantee the information on these pages is accurate. If you see a problem with the information here or have a question, please let us know at love@nourishe.co.