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Philosophy in Formulas

Philosophy in Formulas

  • Certified Organic

    100% organic or wild harvested plants are the only ingredients. Nothing else. Period.

  • Whole Plant Complexes

    By using the entire plant character in the formulation phase, the complex intelligence of the plant works synergistically with our skin cells to allow the highest benefits of the plants nutritional capabilities to be absorbed and utilized.

  • No Preservatives

    Because we use no water as a filler in the formula, bacteria will not grow and therefore harsh harmful preservatives can be omitted. All the final formulas are stamped with a 1 year expiration from the day of production. We recommend that you use all of the product within 3 months of opening it and do not get water in the product.

Biophotonic Glassware

(Antioxidant Glass)

We use the most minimal amount of plastic in our packaging, as this is damaging for both the skin and environment. Our packaging is biophotonic glass which acts as a preservative. By only allowing 3 spectrums of light (1 visible and 2 invisible) the degrading light frequencies don’t damage the formulas.

No Fillers

We do not use water (except for soap), aloe vera gel, glycerin, and other inexpensive materials that are often used as fillers to reduce the cost of the more expensive ingredients or that make it look like you are getting more product. This is wasteful, dishonest, and also not healthy for the skin, as many of these fillers are not molecularly sound for product absorption and can block the channels that need to expel waste. Soap has water as an ingredient, but in authentic saponification (soap-making) oil, water, and lye are the initial ingredients, upon blending them they react with each other and transform into soap. Technically, the only ingredient left after this process is soap.

Sacred Geometry

These formulas employ the use of sacred geometry in their construction, design, and proportions. The formulas are based on the knowledge that nature holds many keys to health and vitality that are unmet through synthetic design. The consciousness and intelligence in the plants that we work within our formulas come under much reverence and gratitude. Nature follows exact mathematical formulas and geometrical archetypes which reveal to us the vibrational resonance of matter. It is the principle of oneness, interconnectedness, and union as the foundation of all geometry in nature. These sacred geometrical ratios are the blueprint for our formulas, as well as each time we create your product. Many of our formulas are made drop by drop to comply with the higher dimensional structure.

Encoded with DNA Repair and Healing Frequencies

We encode each product with 7.83hz, 432hz, and 528hz. 7.83hz also known as the Schumann Resonance is scientifically proven not only to repair DNA, but even cause new DNA helices to form. 432hz is mathematically consistent with the universe and works on the heart chakra. 528hz is known as the love frequency. We use technology based on the theories that Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance” and what modern physics calls “quantum entanglement” to imprint frequencies into each product. Nature is structured and organized to ensure the products are as powerful as possible. We use these frequencies to ensure that the molecular structure of each product is also in harmonic resonance.

Plant Intelligence

Plants have a unique consciousness in how they react to their environment. Plant neurobiology studies how plants respond to environmental variables such as light, water, gravity, temperature, soil structure, nutrients, toxins, insects, microbes, and even chemical signals from other plants. Plants use these data and shift their behavior to respond favorably to their environment. Plants also have similarities to humans in how mitochondria process ATP and energy. We can use the intelligence that plants have used to adapt to their environment to also integrate some of these evolved functions on our cellular levels. For instance, some plants are strong and hydrated in arctic weather and work well to entrain the skin how to remain strong and moist in cold climates. Many flowers only bloom during the day, therefore, they work well to teach the skin how to respond favorably to solar radiation and receive pranic energy.

Conscious Sun Concepts

Traditional sunscreens are toxic and dangerous for the skin. By using plant intelligence, we focus on the sun as being a source of pranic and vital life force energy in order to create a healthy relationship with the sun. Using plants and botanicals that bloom and thrive in the sunlight and are nourished by the sun, we notice more vitality and life force energy develop within our skin.

Vegan Formulas

All of our formulas are vegan. Never tested on animals.

Made with Love

We believe intention plays a powerful role in how our skin, bodies, and emotions respond to our thoughts and actions. All of our formulas are handmade in our own manufacturing facility surrounded by friends, joy, and heartfelt intention and connection with our organic ingredients and formulas. We value the art of working with organic plants to create these vital blends and we are committed to shifting the consciousness of skincare and beauty care in our society. skin.


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