Why Nourishe

Nourishe is a prominent, authentically natural skincare company renowned in the industry for our exclusive use of plants, herbs, and botanicals in each of our products.

In each product, we combine an alchemical blend of 20-40 plants, not just several, so that your skin can easily absorb the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it most needs to be nourished, vibrant and glowy so your skin looks smooth, soft and beautiful.

Our products are made by hand in our apothecary so what you receive is pure, natural, and made with love. The team of people who manufacture and package each jar and bottle hold the intention for you to feel radiant and beautiful as you apply any Nourishe skin care product. All of them only use natural ingredients and are free from added chemicals, fillers, and parabens.

Our goal is to bring the best of Mother Earth to your skin! Nothing artificial is added. How the balms, creams, and oils look, feel and smell are just as Mother Nature intended – some are dense and earthy, some are powders, some creamy, others like liquid sunshine. We love that our products reflect the flora in the array of oranges, yellows, browns, and rustic reds that result from our blends.

Our Founder, Kristin

Kristin Bauer is an herbalist and alchemist who has spent over a decade researching how to nourish the skin through the application of organic, plant derived oils, balms, creams, and blends. She has a miraculous understanding of plants, and her unparalleled skill at blending botanical material brings the magic into the unique line of Nourishe products. She also provides expert facials to teach and educate people how to apply the products and care for their skin at the same time.

She embarked on a professional career in the 90s, in the plastic surgery industry, as an aspiring medical student. She focused on healing damaged skin and telomere extension (an anti-aging pursuit) learning what works to get skin healthy, supple, and yet firm.

Her life shifted dramatically when she took the opportunity to study indigenous herbalism with native healers in the jungles of Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

The indigenous healers possess a deep intelligence about which plants naturally work together and how they synergistically interact to balance and heal the body. Knowing the medicinal value of plants only partially explains their wisdom: They are so attuned to the jungle that they intuit understanding and messages from the plants themselves.

Bearing witness to this extraordinary knowledge and capability turned Kristin’s life toward applying the wisdom and intelligence of plants in her ongoing quest to develop ways to nourish skin using the most natural, cleanest, purest, plant-derived products.

To this day, Kristin returns annually to the jungles in Peru and Bolivia to learn and grow, as well as educate others about the powerful and complex ecosystem of plants. She is an expert in organic skin care and providing anti-aging alternatives that are free of chemicals, fillers, and preservatives, and that obviate the need for injections or plastic surgery.

With Nourishe, Kristin aspires to be a pre-eminent provider of natural anti-aging and holistic skin rejuvenation products that encourage you to celebrate who you are, just as you are. 💖

Already, the brand is recognized for excellence, winning multiple awards over several years, including several 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards in multiple categories such as Best Organic Serum, Best Organic Moisturizer, Best Organic Anti-Aging Product, and Highly Commended Natural Soap. In addition, Nourishe won Editor’s Choice in the Global Green Beauty Awards in 2021 for Best Natural Beauty Product and Best Ethical Fragrance and was also a winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2021.

The Essential Power of Plants

The power and potency of nature is connected to Sacred Geometry – that involves highly structured,

mathematical relationships based on geometry and proportions that produce stable compositions and arrangements. Sacred Geometry is known to contain high frequencies of energy and light that can activate and transform and therefore balance, harmonize, and even elevate consciousness.

We at Nourishe believe in the power and innate intelligence of Nature and harness the power of Sacred Geometry as it presents in the plant world. All of our formulations follow geometric equations so we can bring you the most nutrient-rich, balanced, absorbable products that can remind the skin how to be healthy.

Nourishe is focused and dedicated to providing forthright education and awareness about the underlying causes of premature aging and skin damage. Our product line represents a natural, organic antidote to the toxicity present in most skincare products.

Nourishe also believes in the power of self love and self care as a foundation for health. Our skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in the health and vitality of our bodies. Kristin is passionate about addressing the inner consciousness around skin health which involves forgiveness, self-love, and letting your body be a vessel and vehicle to show love to the world. 💓

Among the most loving things we can do for ourselves is to use clean and organic products from the Earth. At Nourishe, we are committed to using only plants, herbs, and botanicals in all of our products so you can support your skin and your body in the most healthy and loving way possible.

We Are Redefining Beauty

Nourishe does not define beauty by surface visual appeal, but rather as an expression of the love we have for ourselves and the graceful way in which we treat our bodies.

Conscious thoughts about being healthy, beautiful, and full of vitality help to make it so because we create what we believe.

#RedefineBEaUty is our campaign and advocacy for natural beauty and reconnecting with ourselves – mind, body, and spirit – to expand our inner power and radiance. We are collectively directing our energy away from the narrow cultural definitions of beauty and aligning with the expansive and loving perception of beauty as defined by Mother Nature, Sacred Geometry, and our natural bodies.

As you nourish yourself and Nourishe your skin, you will see that health and beauty are a synergistic exchange between what you do from the outside in and from the inside out.

To support #redefineBEaUty, you will find a beauty mantra inside every Nourishe product.