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Why Nourishe

Nourishe is unique in the skincare industry as we only use plants as ingredients. By using high quantity, potent plants and whole plant complexes together, our skin cells respond and absorb what it needs.  Instead of having four or five organic plants in our products, we use between 20-40 certified organic plants in each product, allowing for the maximum potential of nutrition absorption.

The early studies…

After working in the plastic surgery industry, Kristin traveled to the Amazon jungle of Peru where she studied Indigenous herbalism with native healers that communicate with plants. Instead of specifically knowing the plant's usage, or plant benefits, the healers are able to know which plants want to work together and how they best support as a collaborative effort with many plants. In the Amazon, Kristin experienced the power and potency of nature and how nature works together to balance and heal.

Everything exists in nature based on sacred geometric math, and since Nourishe believes in the power of nature, all of our formulations follow these geometric equations. Combining these important principles of nature, all of Nourishes products become a reflection of what Mother Earth is here teaching us.

Nourishe’s Focus

Nourishe believes in the power of self love and self care. Our skin is our largest organ and plays a vital role in the health and vitality of our body. The most loving thing we can do for our bodies is to use clean and organic products from the Earth. We are committed to using only plants, herbs, and botanicals in all of our products to support your skin and your body the most loving way we know how.

A large focus of Nourishe’s work is dedicated to providing education and awareness of the truth about toxicity in skincare products and the underlying causes of premature aging and skin damage. Kristin is also passionate about addressing the inner consciousness around skin health which involves forgiveness, self-love, and letting your body be a tool to show love to the world.


We think 60,000 thoughts per day and our unconscious thoughts reflect in our body and its health. One of the most powerful tools to shift our experience of our health is to build awareness around our inner dialogue. Speak to yourself with more love and support, do it consciously so what you say eventually becomes a natural subconscious belief. Do it constantly, and we can collectively impress in our thoughts that we are healthy, beautiful, perfect, and full of vitality. That is why you will find a beauty mantra with every Nourishe product. 

We are collectively redirecting our energy from the current cultural norms of a limiting beauty scope. Nourishe does not define beauty by the physical aesthetic of what another person sees, but rather an expression of the love we have for ourselves and the graceful way in which we treat our bodies. RedefineBEaUty connects us with the power and natural beauty that is within us.

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