Kristin Bauer

Kristin Bauer

Master Alchemist Kristin Bauer is a champion of natural products in the skincare industry and is leading the shift toward all-natural with her Earth-sourced skincare products under the Nourishe brand.

Using only plants, botanicals, and herbs, Kristin has created several skincare lines that are unique in the industry. These products are free from preservatives, fillers, and chemicals and are designed to deeply nourish your skin, so you can’t help but connect with your natural beauty and radiance when Nourishe products comprise your skin care regimen.

Kristin’s passion for skin care evolved from her early work treating patients in a hospital burn unit. She became keenly interested in DNA mutation which led her into intense study of the science behind skin growth and regeneration. Kristin felt guided to formulate specialized treatments for long-term skin rejuvenation based on what she learned about DNA repair and protection.

Yet, it wasn’t until she got pregnant that she made a significant shift.“It was when I became pregnant with my daughter that I first began to comprehend on a very deep level the magnitude of chemicals that are all around us. I started to question: ‘How can we expect to have healthy bodies if we are using polluted chemical products on our skin?’”

Her daughter, Esse, inspired Kristin to think about the future, about what we expose ourselves to, and to set her sights squarely in the direction of holistic health and natural remedies when it came to skin and body care. 

Because she continued to work with surgeons and medical professionals doing facials and repairing as well as preparing skin for treatments, Kristin kept researching and implementing innovative treatments and modalities to heal skin in more holistic ways. The natural outgrowth of her commitment, years of study, and unbridled curiosity was the creation of her own line of products.

Nourishe’s original line of skincare products are derived exclusively from Earth-born, natural, ethically grown ingredients that are carefully harvested. Each product’s blend provides specific benefits to the skin. Used as a family of products, the Nourishe lines provide all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the skin needs. All the products are waterless (except for the soaps) and free of preservatives, fillers, and chemicals.

Nourishe products that draw their power from the neurobiology of plants. Plant intelligence is borrowed and applied in service to nourishing and protecting the skin. Your skin. The largest organ in your body. To put it simply, using Nourishe products appropriately can affect how the skin reacts to sunlight, can support the cleansing of toxins from the environment, and can mediate the effects of atmospheric conditions like dryness, cold, wind, even too much sunlight. 

Today, you can still find Kristin in her apothecary where she invents, refines, and blends all of Nourishe’s products as the master alchemist that she is. 

A lifelong learner and student of botany and skin, Kristin continues to journey to the jungles of the Amazon to commune with indigenous healers as well as plants to support her quest to provide natural anti-aging and holistic skin rejuvenation products for you. 

Add the love and care that goes into her work, and you have the reason that Kristin is a Master Alchemist: so you can love yourself just as you are and take great care of your skin!