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Animal testing within the cosmetic industry horror

Kristin Bauer / May, 7th

Animal testing in the cosmetic industry is still extremely prevalent. Animal suffering for cosmetic reasons is banned in the EU and we can do the same here, when we take action. Cruelty Free International guides you through taking action with your local representative. Follow the link here:

According to their site, both the US and Canada were in the top 10 animal testing countries for dogs and monkeys. They estimate that 192.1 million animals were used for scientific testing worldwide in 2015. 

According to PETA these brands still test on animals:



Estee Lauder



Victoria's Secret


Mary Kay

Bobbi Brown


Elizabeth Arden

And there are more......

Let's take the time to stand up for these beings we share the earth with. This isn't necessary for cosmetics when you work with non toxic ingredients. Look for PETA logo and Leaping Bunny logo on your products to ensure that no animal had to endure their eyes being sewn open and had mascara rubbed in their eyeballs so that your lashes can look glamorous.

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