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Redefine Beauty: A little light for you today.

Kristin Bauer / April, 30th

Let your love shine out of your body like the sun casts its beams. Don't worry if no one catches them. The sun never worries where her beams will land, yet she powerfully shares them every morning.


Redefining beauty is a powerful and important practice to me.  I hope that we raise children in a world where we teach them to be kind, compassionate, giving, forgiving and loving just as importantly as they see mainstream media teaching them to be skinny, pretty and perfect looking.  The size of your nose and the size of your butt should matter way less than the size of your heart.  I like to take a few moments each day to remind myself of a few techniques to create a more radiant soul and share that with the world.  


Today is a new day. Today brings any possibility that you choose. We are not guaranteed that we wake up each morning. What would this world be like if each person was so grateful for the gift of waking up this morning? It starts with you. Treat today and everything that happens today like a miracle.


Shine your light into the world without fear, full of your own inner bliss and onto anyone that is ready to feel the warmth of your love.

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