Ditch the chemicals Nourishe

Ditch the chemicals

Who’s witnessed women spilling out allllll the things in their makeup bags? Do you cringe like we do when you see just how many chemicals they are putting on their skin every day? Well, with Nourishe you can be guaranteed that our products are plant-based and Mother Earth inspired so you are only putting the most skin-loving and nourishing ingredients on your skin. We are also big believers that once you start showing love for your skin and taking care of your beauty on the inside first, then you can bare the skin that is begging to come out in full confidence! Chemicals are not the answer to healthy, youthful looking skin.

As you’re eliminating the products that contain harmful chemicals, you can begin to examine what your own unique skin needs once you’ve established a baseline for natural beauty. You may find that you weren’t as dry or oily as you had originally thought, but that your skin was reacting to the chemicals in the products you previously used. Plants will work with you to nourish your skin, rather than against you.  

Using plants that thrive in more extreme weather conditions such as deserts, the arctic, or at higher altitudes is what allows our organic ingredients to be so beneficial to your skin health. 

Plant neurobiology studies how plants react to their environments, responding to each variable and shifting their behavior on a cellular level to adapt as a means to survive and thrive.

This concept can be integrated into skincare, allowing your skin the same capacity to adapt as a means to thrive in various environmental conditions.

Disclaimer: Not all views expressed in our blog articles reflect Nourishe’s official opinions. We use a variety of writers and sources and will always attempt to bring you the latest and greatest info. We’re all about exploring the wonders & science of natural ingredients, but remember, we can’t claim specific product benefits. Everyone’s skin is unique just like your fingerprint, and results will vary. Enjoy the journey, and remember, your skincare adventure is beautifully unique, just like you!