Cinnamon bark oil is a potent essential oil derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree, primarily from the species Cinnamomum verum. With its origins rooted in ancient Sri Lanka, this aromatic oil has played a significant role throughout history, gracing the courts of kings and emperors, and being prized for its warming and invigorating properties. Known for its distinctive spicy-sweet aroma, the oil was often used in traditional rituals, medicines, and perfumes. Holistically, cinnamon bark oil is revered for its ability to stimulate circulation, act as a digestive aid, and warm the body and spirit. It is rich in cinnamaldehyde, the compound responsible for many of its therapeutic benefits. These benefits span from powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to potential protective effects against heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders. In the realm of skin health, cinnamon bark oil's antibacterial nature makes it a popular choice for combatting acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, its ability to stimulate blood flow can lead to a rejuvenated and vibrant complexion.


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