Green bananas, often referred to as unripe bananas, are the younger versions of the familiar yellow fruit and are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. Their existence dates back thousands of years, with their origins believed to be in Southeast Asia or the South Pacific, spreading to other parts of the world through trade and exploration. Nutritionally distinct from their ripe counterparts, green bananas are rich in resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate that resists digestion in the small intestine and offers several health benefits. This starch functions similarly to soluble fiber, promoting gut health and potentially aiding in blood sugar control. Holistically, green bananas have been employed in various cultures to treat digestive disturbances and provide a more sustained energy source, thanks to their lower sugar content and slower absorption rate. For the skin, green banana extracts possess antioxidant properties, owing to their rich content of dopamine, vitamins, and minerals. These antioxidants help combat free radicals, which play a significant role in skin aging. Furthermore, the resistant starch and nutrient profile of green bananas can also support overall skin health by nurturing gut health, which is intrinsically linked to skin vitality. In modern times, green banana extracts are being incorporated into skincare products for their hydrating and anti-aging properties. Whether consumed or applied, the green banana fruit offers multifaceted benefits for both health and beauty.


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