Fillers, chemical and the truth about aloe vera gel Nourishe

Fillers, chemical and the truth about aloe vera gel

When we say our products are chemical-free, we mean two things. First, we mean we don’t use synthetic chemicals, and secondly, we don’t use any chemicals that are harmful in any way including to skin, health, or the environment. Every substance that can be naturally found is technically considered a chemical compound, but this doesn’t mean it’s good for you as there are plenty of substances found in nature that are harmful to people and the planet, like arsenic and asbestos for example. We are very passionate about educating people about skincare and skin health which is why we think it’s crucial to share this knowledge. Just because someone slaps the word “natural” or even “organic” on a bottle, it doesn’t mean it’s safe, healthy, or beneficial. 

When we say we are preservative-free, we mean something similar. There are some preservatives that are deemed acceptable to be used in natural formulations, but the use of them simply doesn’t align with our philosophies, therefore we don’t use them! Many people also get confused because if a product contains water, then a preservative is necessary. However, we also do not include water as an ingredient. Did you know that water in skincare products, especially if it is the first ingredient, leads to skin dryness? So because we exclude water, we can also omit preservatives. 

We had a comment on one of our social media posts recently saying “wait, I thought aloe was good for your skin”, and it is! We use Aloe Vera Leaf in our products, NOT Aloe Vera gel which is a known filler in skincare, so your skin can get the most benefits from our products. Aloe Vera Leaf has some great benefits like calming and soothing inflamed, irritated, or sunburnt skin by supporting the healing process of wounded skin. Aloe Vera Leaf is also very moisturizing and helps fight against signs of ageing. We love Aloe Vera and that’s why we use it in so many of our formulations. However, there is a difference between organic Aloe Vera plant powder which comes from the leaf and does not grow bacteria, which we use, and Aloe Vera gel, which is the inner gooey filet which is what we don’t use because gel is used as a filler. And aside from it being used as a filler, the gel alone isn’t bad, because it’s known that you can break an aloe leaf and use the gel on your skin.  But what they don’t tell you on an ingredients list is what’s IN the ingredients. Companies will simply say “Aloe Vera gel” without breaking it down and including all the preservatives that are in this ingredient. Active preservation slows down energy, which reduces vitality rate and effectiveness, aside from preservatives being toxic for skin. And even with the multitude of included preservatives, Aloe Vera gel still needs to be refrigerated to keep from going bad as it won’t last outside of the refrigerator as long as milk!

Using fillers, which includes glycerin and water, goes against our philosophies because the purpose of fillers is to make it appear like you’re getting more product, but instead you’re getting less actual product, and mostly filler ingredient, which is normally something cheap in order to save costs. We won’t dupe you by saying a product contains whichever amazing ingredient when it only accounts for a small percentage of the total product.

Every ingredient we use is carefully selected with its benefits and nutrient density taken into consideration to curate highly beneficial and potent products. We feel that our philosophies make us different to any other organic, vegan skincare brand that you have ever come across, and this is why!

Disclaimer: Not all views expressed in our blog articles reflect Nourishe’s official opinions. We use a variety of writers and sources and will always attempt to bring you the latest and greatest info. We’re all about exploring the wonders & science of natural ingredients, but remember, we can’t claim specific product benefits. Everyone’s skin is unique just like your fingerprint, and results will vary. Enjoy the journey, and remember, your skincare adventure is beautifully unique, just like you!