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From Our Founder: My Philosophy on Skincare & Beauty

My skin care philosophy starts with the body, but if you follow along you will see that the body is just a small part of the process to reveal your true beauty.

Face Chirapsia (massage): You must touch your face twice a day with deep and intentional pressure to move stagnation and create chi. This practice will encourage circulation, repair stress points before they densify, move lymph, increase muscle mobility and release fascial adhesions/adhesions. These are all things that if left unaddressed will eventually cause lines, wrinkles, dull or marked skin and large pores. Aging is not about how long your skin has been around, but how long it has not been charged with vital energy.

Oil: Your skin is an oily organ. Oil is necessary for the external flow that supports detoxification not only for the skin but also as a backup for the liver, large intestine and lung meridians. Secondly, it is through oil that your skin absorbs nutrients, so having nutrient-dense oils that are compatible with sebum in your routine is a way to nourish the cells and tissues on a nutrient level. Remember that your skin is in a flow of in and out and since chemicals would make this process more difficult, using organic oils would support this natural process so that your skin can function at its best.

Hands-On: I recommend only using your hands to clean, massage and apply the product to your face. So that your epidermis (outer layer) stays intact and strong without scrubbing apparatuses. Also, your hands are able to feel and to know what your skin needs without you even needing to think about it.

Nutrition: I teach my daughter that she should have the following every day to provide herself with the nutrients that the cells need to function. Your skin health is taking from these nutrients also to be strong and vibrant. Water (based on your size), (at least) 3 fruits, (at least) 3 vegetables, 1 multi-mineral supplement and 8 hugs. Be clean and light with what you put in your body and your outside will be clean and light as well. For acne clients, I recommend avoiding soy, dairy, corn, canola oil, processed sugar, wheat and any animal protein that has been given antibiotics. For everyone, I recommend 16 oz of water or water with lemon when you first wake in the morning to flush out the liver byproduct from the night before.

In Before Out: I find that it is valuable to look inward before you focus on looking outward. Your skin is a reflection of inner energy and beliefs. Many of us aren't well adept with understanding our inner self. Our skin provides a powerful tool to understand both our inner health and inner belief system. Therefore, the mind and spirit are also beneficial systems to understand.

Your body is only a reflection of the mind. As such it is a tool to be able to see where our mind is off track and shift our thoughts. Our minds have the power to shift our body, so use this to your advantage. 

Inner energy is a tool to support your skin. Every morning and before bed, you can visualize light flowing through your every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and bone of your body. Feel that all your cells are working in structure and harmony. Spend a few minutes visualizing brilliant white energy like a gel all over your skin and that your skin is absorbing this light.

Notice how you speak to yourself, and if you are attacking yourself in any way. Pay attention to your inner dialogue when you look in a mirror or what you say to yourself when you see you in a picture. What is your response to noticing this line or that pimple, this brown spot, etc? Are you kind or belligerent to yourself? You are actually looking for more self-love or attention to your inner health. Use that awareness to focus your loving energy on your body. If you catch yourself waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror, noticing all the things you don't like about your face then bring awareness to this. Note what you say as your inner dialogue and begin to cancel out those thoughts and put loving ones in their place.


We have discussed the aspects of the body and mind, and now we head into the aspect of our spirit and how it affects our skin.

I love talking about the spiritual aspect of beauty and vitality because it seems to me if there is no purpose to your beauty, there is less power in the possibility. When your beauty can actually change the world, it's so much more awesome and valuable to be beautiful!

And that's what the spirit of beauty is....

It is the purpose of beauty and how it can be of value to the world.      

Love: This is my favorite because it is so powerful. When you do these tools that I've shared and then you focus on something other than your body, miraculous shifts can happen. Practice for 30 days that your body is capable of perfect vitality and that the purpose for this vitality isn't actually for you, but for everyone you come in contact with to experience their own self-love and vitality through you.

When you take the focus off yourself, your body transforms it's own health and vitality and especially when your commitment is being in service as a loving person.

Forgiveness: This is such an amazing tool to let go of what is holding back the radiance that is you. Imagine that you are a being of love and light and your being is radiant and beautiful beyond words. Now if a belief that you are not this beautiful creature begins to form, then shadows will build over the light. Forgiveness is the technique used to illuminate the shadows and return you back to your full radiance. A 30-day practice of forgiving yourself and everyone else for anything is a powerful practice. Ho'Oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness that I teach my acne clients to support letting go of congested beliefs that might cause the skin to be congested.

One of my favorite tips for experiencing more beauty is to open yourself up to notice more beauty that is already around you. And take time to notice beauty in every aspect of your life. Mother earth is certainly a fun one!

Notice beauty in the world around you.

Focus on aspects of beauty that you may not have been taking the time to bear witness to and watch the beauty all around and within begin to bloom.

Look with love and gratitude upon the immense beauty that our mother earth shares with us and know that it is the same beauty that you were born from.


Have an organically beautiful day,


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