Channeling the sun into your magnificent skin Nourishe

Channeling the sun into your magnificent skin

Pigmentation from sun damage is a concern for many of my tropical friends, as we spend considerable time outdoors. Not only are they carrying around past sun damage in the form of lines, pigmentation and tough skin, but also future damage in the way of fear of the sun. Our sun's rays can provide nourishment and are a source of power to draw from. I think it's important to discuss sun damage from my perspective so that we can all receive good energy from the sun without being in fear of it.


First, it's important to understand that internal health is a factor in pigmentation. Your skin is a backup excretory organ for your liver, large intestines and lungs. So excretion of waste generally is the cause of pigmentation when it is impacted by UV radiation. Keeping your internal organs healthy is a huge benefit to preventing hyperpigmentation. I like to recommend a few tips for liver health such as drinking water with lemon when you first wake up, waiting until after noon to eat any fats and eating lots of liver-nourishing foods such as pitaya, bananas, papaya first thing in the morning.  


Second, the skin needs its oil system to be strong and healthy in order to detoxify naturally. The healthy oils on your skin protect from external irritants and also keep skin strong which protects from sun damage. Skin scrubs and acids that break down your oils would leave you more susceptible to UV damage. Washing your face in the late afternoon or early evening really well and then avoiding washing your face in the morning is also very beneficial to build up the natural oils which will receive sunlight and be able to protect your skin. Massaging your face in the morning with your serum or balm will also stimulate the natural sebum so that your skin absorbs the pranic energy of the sun and your natural sun protective cells are at their highest.  


Third, you can reverse the effects of sun damage. This is done by proper skin detoxification, epidermal strengthening and regular circulatory support.  Essentially all of these factors work together with the first two steps to release the imprint of solar damage which is basically a stain. By creating healthy epidermal tissue which protects the sensitive dermal tissue and opening the channels of detoxification while allowing the skin to detox these marks will be replaced by healthy tissue.  


It's so important in our skincare industry that we begin to discuss supporting the health and strength of our skin, so we may be able to experience it's true beauty instead of injuring it in the name of beauty.  

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