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Winter Kit

Winter Kit


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Now you can buy these products together for deep hydration, nourishment and outdoor protection for cold weather & outdoor sports, and save 10% compared to purchasing them separately.

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Included in the Winter Kit:


Shungite and Diamond Soap - BEAUTIFYING  DAILY FACE WASH, 3.38 fl oz | 100 ml

Deeply cleansing | Invigorating | Toning

This specially-charged Shungite and Diamond handmade soap will purify, refresh, and revive your skin with a lather and aroma that seems fresh from the garden. Combining Shungite, Diamonds, plants, and botanicals, this unique complex gently draws out impurities while it hydrates and protects, leaving your skin soft, supple, and your complexion absolutely luminous.  


Earthy Balm - EXTREME CREAM, 1 fl oz | 30 ml

Strengthens moisture barrier | Prevents pigmentation damage | Calms redness, irritation

Earthy Balm’s unique blend of 23 plants and herbs selected as antioxidants combine with zinc and olive oil to synergistically protect the skin’s moisture barrier and block environmental toxins, including harmful sun rays. Use the balm when outdoors to protect against sun and wind. 

Voluminishe - COLLAGEN SUPPORT BALM, 1 fl oz | 30 ml

Softens the appearance of fine lines

Collagen support to make skin supple, flexible 

Gives a sun-kissed glow

Collagen is a naturally-occurring structural protein that diminishes as we age. Voluminishe uses plant-derived Vitamin C to nourish skin that is low in collagen so it appears more supple, firm, and youthful.

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